AT Oil 24


New AT Oil 24

AT OIL  comes from the “ORANGE ROUGHY” fish that lives in the abyss of Oceanian seas. The fat in this fish contains more than 95% of mono-esters found in high grade fatty acids. Since the fatty acids are mostly unsaturated, they remain in a liquid state at room temperature. This fish normally has a lifespan of 150 years.

This oil is extremely good for dry skin and for protecting against chapping, itchiness, and wrinkling.   This is the miracle oil that can treat eczema and with prolonged use can rid this awful skin symptom forever. When skin is damaged from eczema’s itchiness and redness, use this AT Oil on its own and find immediate relief.  It also provides moisture and nutrients for the skin and is so gentle that it is demanded by babies’ skin. This fish oil easily blends into the skin without any signs of greasiness remaining. The oil penetrates into the skin and restores skin’s youthful radiance immediately.


★Place 4-5 drops of AT Oil in your palm and rub into desired areas including eye area. Can also mix 2-3 drops of AT Oil with Resist Cream or AT Gel and then applied to desired areas of face and body. Can be used on hair ends to provide shine.

Key Benefits

  • cures eczema
  • when skin stings from signs of eczema, use this alone and see results
  • weightless and absorbed easily
  • non greasy
  • purist fish oil


  • 100% “Orange Roughy Oil